i am Rebecca
Joann brumfield


 a badass Creative Marketing & Success Mindset Coach for YOU - the earthy, worldly, passionate healer who knows there's more to running your biz than burning yourself out and settling for clients who don't value your services (and constantly searching for discounts or freebies.) 


I'm straightforward, to the point, & straight up. I curse, I make jokes, and I think outside the box. I don't bullshit people, and I don't waste their time or mine... because time is a commodity, and we never know how much time we truly have left. 

I am NOT your typical "woo-woo" coach and I am not going to feed you crap that you will not utilize. I will help you reach your goals - but you have got to want to help yourself first.

I have been in the spa industry since 2008, and I have made sooooo many mistakes in running my business. I have burned myself out, and I have even battled with self-worth issues and depression. I had no confidence, I had to desire / drive, and I had absolutely no positive thought in my mind that I could do run a successful business. 

 I have job hopped (even during running my own biz) and I have let my personal life drama with friends & relationships get in the way of me running my biz, and have even lost friends due to my high stress levels. WELL, IT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT.


I have dealt with all of the above, and more, and one day I was just SICK OF IT ALL. I was sick of not having focus, I was sick of telling myself excuses. I was sick of the people I surrounded myself with. I was sick of the negativity, I was sick of the bullshit and backstabbing and lack of support from one another in the spa & beauty industry. I got sick of being disgusted that *my own teachers* in massage school were purposefully giving their own students wrong information and hoping that they "stay out of their territory"

... I was sick of my own colleagues throwing each under under the bus and stealing clients from each other. I was absolutely appalled at how many of my fellow colleagues in the holistic industry think they have to be "poor" to help people, that it's almost impossible to make money in this field... that they were "stuck" in the "poor healer" mentality, and not knowing the type of clients that fuels our soul to serve.


I get where you're at and what you are going through.


That's when BADASS BODYWORKERS was born – to create a thriving, empowering, and supportive community who nourish and encourage each other to be total badasses and be a super rockstar in their healing abilities! I knew this message needed to be shared with other badass women with big dreams who needed an authentic & nurturing support system and an judge-free community of like minded women.