Badass Bodyworkers Featured In…


Robert Gardner Wellness

My colleague and fellow former Louisianian, Robert Gardner Wellness and I chat about things we wish Massage Therapists knew in the spa & wellness industry! Find a free trial to his badass Reboot Insiders Club HERE.



My Massage World

Savanna Bell Moore and I chat about what it’s like to be a vulnerable human who has to pick herself back up after hitting rock bottom in business. We discuss learning hard lessons, mistakes to avoid when hiring staff, setting boundaries, recouping emotionally, and effective communication skills when going through a tough time.



How to be a badass Bodyworker

I chat with Darryl Turner about what it takes to be a Badass Bodyworker in the massage industry. Darryl helps bodyworkers scale beyond word of mouth and consistently attract their ideal clients online.



break through money blocks with rebecca brumfield & ramona rice

Ramona Rice with Spapreneur interviews Rebecca Brumfield we’re talking all about the blocks people put on themselves that limit their success. Learn to be brave & how to stop comparing your behind-the-scenes to everyone’s highlight reels. Rebecca brings value bomb after value bomb, PLUS a freebie downloadable!



6 steps to heal your money story: Leadership & lattes

Are you struggling with the same old excuses, leaving you perpetually stuck in a self-sabatoging cycle? This live seminar + workbook hosted by Rebecca Brumfield, founder of Badass Bodyworkers will help you undercover those money blocks and excuses hindering you from your true financial potential.



Set Your Soul on Fire

In this podcast interview with my colleague Teena Lewis, we chat about why it’s so important to set yourself apart from the crowd by having a niche.

What is the difference between a niche and a category? How does your language and confidence affect your client’s perception of you?

Read my blog post “The Riches Are in the Niches



Badass Self Love

Rebecca Brumfield is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and gets deep and vulnerable about overcoming her personal struggles. She empowers female spa & wellness industry professionals who need a little push in the right direction to create a clear vision for their dream business and let go of the blocks and excuses holding them back from achieving their goals. She is an ambitious go-getter, change-maker, and the definition of what it means to be a BADASS.


Bodyworker Business Master Class

In this Masterclass, we discuss Getting Specific to Get More Clients! Rebecca has created a thriving, empowering, and supportive community of bodyworkers who nourish and encourage each other to be total badass and confident in their rockstar abilities! Tune into this “tell it like it is” chat with Rebecca & Mindy Totten.


In this podcast episode of “The Truth About Massage Therapy” by Kryz Klinowski of Busy Hive, we dive in about the different types and the benefits of cupping therapy! Tune in for the lowdown on our favorite massage modality!


9 TOP NOTCH RESOURCES EVERY MASSAGE THERAPIST NEEDS TO SUCCEED. It takes more than a great website to create and support a successful business. These 9 coaches/ Fccebook groups/organizations offer the support and knowledge to help you succeed in your massage business right now.