6 Reasons Your Badass Biz Needs Online Booking to THRIVE

6 Reasons Why Your Badass Biz Needs Online Booking To Thrive.png

With most online booking systems, everything is integrated into one system, making running your business and booking your clients streamline and effortless, basically running itself. I actually ran my business for FIVE YEARS without using an online booking system, and instead opoted for good old iphone calendar. I realized within a month how much money I lost by not having a booking system! Manage your business instead of letting it manage YOU.

1. Customers Can Schedule Themselves. Online booking enables customers to book their own appointments from any mobile device and social media, meeting the needs of digitally oriented spa goers that expect this level of service from a quality spa. Self-service booking boosts sales and provides an opportunity to fill last-minute cancellations with new customers who see openings as they come available. Clients can even schedule multiple services with multiple staff members, add additional guests, and even view descriptions of spa services and see appointment durations. Once a client books online, the appointment will automatically sync in one centralized calendar to prevent double-bookings. Most customers will book their appointments online after their own work hours, after it's too late after business hours to call and speak to a staff member. After all, it's usually after they made dinner and settled their kids in bed and finally put themselves a glass of wine in the comfort of their own home before they realize "I REALLY need a massage!"

2. Automatic Appointment Reminders: This ensures the guest doesn’t forget about their appointment, and dramatically reduces no-shows and clients who aren’t serious about their appointments. Most systems even have the option to require a credit card number for booking their services. You can set appointment reminders to be sent out via text, email, or both. Reminders can be sent out 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours for example. I have my automatic text and email reminders to also include a link to my policies page, so a client knows what will happen if they miss their appointment.

3. Manage Staff Schedules & Trainings: Online booking allows you to organize your calendar and have your staff’s schedules at a glance! Each staff member’s working hours can be easily marked off to show when they are available to accept appointments. You can even disable same day appointment requests to discourage last-minute client wanting to walk in. Or if you want ot encourage walk-ins, same day appointments can be turned on :) Booking a class or service training for the entire staff is easy as well.

4. Get Paid Anywhere. eCommerce never sleeps! Add online booking and the items available for purchase in your store to any website using widgets. Customers can check out products available in your shop, and even purchase them online! Selling gift certificates is easy and no hassle, making it easy to send an eco-friendly certificate for spa services directly to their email! Most softwares also have a credit card swiper that can be connected to your smart device to accept payments on-the-go. (Perfect for outcalls and chair massage gigs!) You can glance at the dashboard for end of day or end of year financial information, making tax season easy!

5. Marketing Solution Designed Just for Spas: Make social media a source of revenue for your spa. With online booking, you can publish targeted promotions to each social network. It's super easy it is to fill a last-minute cancellation or publicize a new service when promotions appear alongside a testimonial left by one of your customers on your social media sites. The combination of a promotional offer and customer recommendation is a marketer’s dream come true. Online scheduling systems allow you to segment email lists and send automatic newsletter campaigns to people: whether it be a 6 month reminder, a birthday, or announcing a new service menu! One AWESOME thing about Vagaro is that they allow you to add "reward points" to each service, so clients can redeem them later on - making it a simple, easy to keep track of solution for frequent fliers.

6. Instant Access to Client Data: Don’t you just hate having to look through old, unorganized file cabinets just to find one email address or mailing address to follow up with a client?! With an online scheduling system, you have instant access to your client’s data: their contact information, packages / memberships, their value (how much they spend with you on a regular basis), their birthday, medical notes, the average dollar amount spent, their service preferences,  their last visit, and how many times they have no-showed or cancelled, etc. YAY for keeping information in an easy-to-access dashboard, right at your fingertips! Time for employee bonuses? You can easily run detailed reports for staff members to view their rebooking and request rates, etc.

Vagaro allows you to market your business for a starting price of $25, and $10 per staff member. They also give you a 1 Month Free Trial, by invite only. Email me at badassbodyworkers@gmail.com if you want a link to a free trial!