Creepers, Perverts, & Weirdos: A Blog Compilation

There have been SO MANY posts I’ve come across on Facebook about how to handle a creepy, insinuative, obviously perverted client.

We all know those… the suggestive beat-around-the-bush assholes who take joy in crossing boundaries and seeing how far their efforts can go.

Again and again, it’s the same old same old…. There have been SO MANY blog posts written about this topic since it is so prevalent in our industry, so there’s no need for me to rehash everything that has already been said.

In fact, I have already vented extensively about FOLLOWING YOUR INTUITION with my friend Beth Wade on our YouTube video “Follow Your Intuition and Set Some F*cking Boundaries” where we give you some TOUGH LOVE by encouraging you NOT to try and validate reasons to entertain the idea of seeing a client you’re obviously uncomfortable with.

This will be a simple post filled with links to other blog posts about this topic since it’s been talked about a bajillion times, and each article has a badass way of handling the situation when it arises… because it WILL happen, sooner or later.

My biggest tip: FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION. PERIOD. Rarely, if ever, is it wrong. I literally see pending questions in Badass Bodyworkers about how to handle this issue a dozen times a week. It’s THAT common. (If only following your intuition instead of looking for validation online on why you shouldn’t follow it was as common.)

By the way… if my staff EVER tells me they think a client is a creep.. that’s it. I trust them 110% and will NOT doubt them. Being a good boss, I will handle the situation and remove them from it immediately. Rarely does that situation ever happen since we prevent it from happenings starting with by having proper communication and filtering skills, policies, & hardcore, no bullshit boundaries.

Good god, I wish they taught this stuff in massage school.



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Hopefully these BADASS blog posts will provide more insight on how to handle this inevitable situation. It;s unfortunate that this happens to the best and most careful of us, and it’s a learning opportunity on setting boundaries, proper communication, and setting policies & procedures into place to protect us from the very beginning.

Being a bodyworker doesn’t mean always making everyone happy all of the time. It doesn’t mean putting yourself in danger for the sake of making a buck. It doesn’t mean being a people pleaser with no boundaries. It doesn’t mean being scared to turn a client down.

I’ll leave it at this:

1) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAAAAAYS follow your intuition. PERIOD.

2) Stop TEXTING your clients. Tone of voice is EVERYTHING. Stop conducting business with (new) clients via text. Don’t even entertain it… ESPECIALLY after your business hours. The world will NOT end if you want to respond to or call someone.

3) Don’t ask forums online whether you think someone is creeper. If you have to ask: that’s your intuition kicking in. Worst case scenario: you lost a what would have been a difficult client anyways, and your business will NOT suffer for turning down one person.

4) Install a security camera in your office lobby. There are really affordable ones on Amazon that record motion-video & audio.


6) Please take the time to report that creeper client’s phone number to the local authorities. Even if they did not make a physical advance on you, STILL REPORT THEM to local police so they have a record of their illegal solicitations. Complaints add up, and one day if that client is participating in sex trafficking or gets arrested for a sex or domestic violence crime, it’s all the more evidence to go against them. Reporting them takes only a few minutes. YOU might not have been harmed… but let’s help prevent someone else from possibly being harmed.

7) Sex trafficking runs RAMPANT in our industry, and we are used as a front for illegal activity. TAKE A STAND. Volunteer for local anti-trafficking organizations to increase awareness and make a difference. Please take time to read a little more about the issue that’s so commonly swept under the rug: Human Trafficking in Massage Parlors: A Deeply Manipulated Sense of “Choice” by Polaris Project and the article Learn the Signs of Massage Parlor Trafficking by End Slavery Now.

Set boundaries.

Take a stand.

Follow Your intuition.

Be safe.