Grow Into a New Brand!

On marketing and branding, with Bria Colyer:


When I opened my own private practice in November of 2016 I knew that in order to really make something of myself I was going to have to stand out. Not only am I surrounded by so many other amazing therapists, I knew that my personality would also get in my way. 

We live in a world that is slowly making the transition from one that has been medicine driven to now finding and desiring a more holistic way.  There is no better time to be a massage therapist than now!

Yet… many of you are getting in your own way. 

Don't be your own stumbling block. 


Everywhere I turn on Badass Bodyworkers I see the same overused & cliche logo, the same brand, the same everything…. Most of you have logos that are are lumped in these 3 different categories, or a mixture of all three: 


1. Lotus flowers

2. Hands / body silhouette 

3. Hot stones


Just typing in the words "massage logo" into google, and we have seen these dated, cliche, and overused logos on the first page: 


I understand that those where and are very popular but why do you want to do something that has been done a thousand different times? Don't be a basic bitch!

Do you want to be the same as everyone else, or stand out from the crowd? 

I like to think that because you are in Badass Bodyworkers that you are driven and really want to make a flourishing business, let me give you a little tough love and maybe the push that you need. 

Hiring a professional creative director/ marketing company has to be a must.  Their whole job is to know what is working, what is on trend, how to target your ideal clientele  and how to make you look like the best massage therapist in your area.

Yeah, you could half- ass it and go the cheap route, but down the road, you will more than likely pay someone else even more money to revamp it and change it up because it didn't fit your business model or relate to your target clients. 

Ever since I hired a company my business has started doing so well.  My first full year I was able to bring in $42,000, not including cash, working 3 days a week. In January my website went live and now I am pretty consistently booked 2-3 weeks out. I was told it would take me 2-3 years to reach this status. When I ask clients who weren’t referred to me they always say "because you look like you know what you are doing."  

You have to establish yourself as the to-go-to expert in your niche.  

My marketing director Lance has been worth his weight in gold. He helps me know how to decorate my room, how to dress so I “don’t look like a girl you pick up at a bar, but a professional and mirrors my brand.” He has even helped me know what type of content to post on social media. 

When we sat down to really come up with what I wanted I did know that I didn’t want anything that anyone else had.  My logo and brand were not based on where I am now, Lance wanted to build me something that I could grow into. I would have never have thought of that.  

 It is really embarrassing to think of what my first business card looks like compared to what it is today.  I was so proud of it; I picked it out all by myself on Zazzle. I thought I had done a great job picking out something that was so different then everyone elses. But what about it says “Massage Therapist?” It wouldn’t even really catch your eye when walking past it. 

I am pretty good therapist, I am passionate about what I do, I have found my niche and have worked hard to get it honed in.  There was nothing that those business cards said that. 

We have mere seconds to leave an impression on someone and do we want to let franchises like Massage Heights / Massage Envy help us do that, or do you want to let the massage therapist who has special skills in branding and marketing steer you in the right direction? Clients have a split second to process information, and if your logo is typical, or cluttered, it will not stick in their memory. 

When I ask new clients that haven’t been referred to me why they pick me, the answer is consistently: “Because of your reviews and you look like you know what you are doing.” That my friends, is called establishing a trustworthy brand. 

I found a great marketing company that believed in me and helped me see who I want the world to see and the potential that I truly have.  

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     From Rebecca:  You don't need a logo to have a brand personality. Read more on that topic  HERE . 


From Rebecca:

You don't need a logo to have a brand personality. Read more on that topic HERE