goal setting

 & educational


for badass spa &
wellness business owners 

who need a little push in the right direction to create a clear vision for their dream business and let go of the blocks and excuses holding them back from achieving their goals


A badass bodyworker is a empowering, passionate, ambitious, no bullshit woman who strives to bring her clients mental, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation through channeling her own badassery to inspire others. 


She will go the extra mile, but sets clear boundaries  and doesn't allow others to take advantage of her skills & empathy.  She is intentional in her goals and desires to grow her business and live everyday to the fullest and overcoming life's hurdles. 

She values QUALITY over quantity, and focuses on addressing and understanding the root of the problem, not just covering up the  symptoms.  A badass bodyworker is a NO EXCUSE maker, empowering woman, a smart, social savvy networker, and utilizes time very wisely to further her career and achieve her goals!