badass bodyworKers story

Badass Bodyworkers is an all-female group especially for the bodyworkers & passionate leaders in the spa & wellness Industry

Whether you are a newbie bodyworker or a seasoned veteran, this group is to help spark your marketing creativity and draw you outside your comfort zone – because that’s what badasses do!  


HELLo I'm rebecca!

I am your business concierge.
I am your creative problem-solver.
I am your intuitive coach & consultant.
I am a multi-passionate, trailblazing mentor.
I am your new BADASS biz bestie.

Being a day spa owner in Louisiana for 12 years I’ve learned the ins and outs and struggles of small business ownership. I have been helping bodyworkers find passion and purpose in their career by supporting them in breaking free of their limiting beliefs so that they can EMBRACE their highest potential.

At Badass Bodyworkers we create success on our own terms by curating our business around our dream life.

let's coNNect

meet our admins

high vibe tribe

The High Vibe Tribe is an online business resource and support community like no other. This tribe is exclusively for professionals in the spa and massage industry that believe in community building, genuine support, and want a space to be nurtured through the ups and downs of being a bodyworker.

Our goal is to help you create a sustainable, transformative, & profitable bodywork career through education, epic resources, expert advice, accountability, and personal growth through access to exclusive content. 

Your work life is sacred—why wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by people who love what they do and support each other along the way?

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