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Accounting Made Simple

April 12 @ 7:00 pm EDT


You are not alone if taxes give you an ugh!-nooo-grrrr-siiggh-cringe-headache-procrastinate kind of feeling.

Feeling overwhelmed, confused, and totally unorganized is a widespread sentiment in the bodywork industry.

That makes sense. We’re hands on people. We want to touch and interact and make a difference in the real world, not spend our time dealing with made up, bureaucratic nonsense. We want to see our success in the quality of our lives and the lives of those we treat, not based on cold calculations.

Yet, understanding your finances is tantamount to reading your practice’s vital signs.

Knowing your numbers is a must if you desire to run a healthy, sustainable business. And you need to handle taxes if you want to run a business at all. (Whatever your personal feelings on the matter, that’s the reality at present.)

This does not need to be a harrowing drudge of an ordeal characterized by combing for hours through piles of receipts, uncertain if you’re missing things, anxious about not doing it right.

You can confidently approach your accounting in a systematic way that gives you peace of mind without eating loads of your time, setting up the organization you need to make tax time a breeze, and creating the financial security your business was always meant to provide.

In Accounting Made Simple, I’ll walk you through how. We will

* Review accounting basics and what stories your numbers tell you
* Address any specific accounting questions or hypotheticals you might have in Q&A
* Discuss accounting methods like Profit First and how to make them work best for you

Plus you will receive invaluable spreadsheets with pre-filled accounting formulas that will help you complete your taxes in 30 minutes.

Even if you have a CPA or use Quickbooks,
Even if you feel hopeless at the business side of your business,
Even (especially) if taxes and accounting give you anxiety,

This workshop will benefit your relationship with your business, helping you find your fiscal footing as an

A) Fledgling solopreneur who wants to set up a good financial foundation for their business without confusion or overwhelm

B) Seasoned bodyworker who is making money, has no idea why they aren’t seeing profit, and wants to shift that dynamic

C) Someone who desires to know their finances on a more holistic and intimate level so you can feel secure in the sustainability of your business and plan for the future

The investment is currently $30.

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business, and you will continue to feel insecure about your finances. Take the first step to relieving all of that anxiety and confusion:

Sign up through the link now!


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