“Sometimes you have to drag the mind into the heart.”

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The spaces we inhabit are all infused with energy. Some spaces can feel light and uplifting; while others can make us feel drained and even a bit down.

I’m sure we have all experienced this in some way. Creating an altar, or a sacred space, in your home can give you a way to pour your energy into a place you can go to feel safe, supported, and uplifted.

An altar is a way of honoring yourself, your intentions, and connecting to something bigger than you. It can be as big or small as you want, it’s all about carving out space for the sacred in your life.

A little history….

Altars have been used for thousands of years in many different cultures across the globe. Traditionally, they have been used for rituals or as a place to make offerings to deities, a way to honor the Gods through spiritual practice.

Now, many people across the world are creating sacred spaces to simply connect to themselves, and bring intention into their lives. Your spiritual life deserves lots of love and care, and I believe you’ll find when you come to this space you have created- you will feel at peace, and be reminded of your ideals, and what means the most to you.

It’s a beautiful process of remembering, and remembering again, that life is sacred and precious.

Where and what do I put on my altar?

Your altar is a representation of your inner world. What inspires you? What objects, herbs, scents, or symbols do you connect with? These are good questions to ask yourself as you begin to create your sacred space. Corner tables, end tables, a mantle, or a chest are all great places for you to set up, but you can choose any space you wish. Once you find the perfect space, I recommend doing a short meditation to tap into some things you might like to include on your altar.


Some ideas for things to add to your space:


Remember, this is a space for you, and you alone; infuse your personality into it, and most importantly~ enjoy the process!  I hope your altar brings you peace, joy, and inspiration; and that you can go here to have an experience of how truly beautiful you are. Namaste.

~Lauryn, Badass Bodyworkers Social Media & Marketing Manager

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