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There are so many recurring threads in the massage forums online, so I am obligated to write this blog post.

đź’ĄDo not give off a desperate vibe.đź’Ą

I used to think I needed EVERY CLIENT who expressed the tiniest interest in massage & bodywork… but I DIDN’T “need” all of them. 

My focus was off, and I drew way too many non-ideal clients in that was constantly zapping my energy (and confidence) levels. I thought I had to accommodate to everyone, despite me knowing I was worth way more.

Just because you WANT a client does not mean you have to give off an energy of DESPERATION. If you know that what you offer is very valuable {as you should}, you shouldn’t have doubt or uncertainty either. 

đź’Ą BE CONFIDENT! Don’t let clients haggle with you. Like, EVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR.đź’Ą

You are not turning away clients if they do not want to pay your price: you are making more room for your ROCKSTAR clients to fill your books!

Work on your energy. Ask yourself what you are after when you are talking/posting. If what you are after is causing you to feel uncertainty, doubt, or desperation, look deep into yourself and figure out WHY. 

The energy you are giving off should match up with you words. Let go of those energetic blocks and triggers not allowing you to properly communicate with a potential client, and yourself. 

If you’re feeling stuck then JOURNAL THAT SHIT OUT, or talk to a friend. Pass some idea to our amazing community over in Badass Bodyworkers for some honest and constructive yet encouraging feedback. All you need is a game plan. You deserve a cheerleader! 

Stay consistent, don’t get discouraged. Don’t get lost in comparison. Don’t think there’s something wrong with you & judge yourself. Just let yourself be. Just feel your energy and find yourself from within. 

Don’t get so caught up in applause, popularity, money, etc. that you find yourself giving off energy that doesn’t flow. 

Just be you in the present moment and fight off those feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and desperation that keep people repelled from giving you abundance. 

I recently told a member in my community that it’s OK to take a step back and regroup… it’s OK to stop drowning and swim to shore and take time to build a boat that can sustain getting back out onto the water. ONE STEP AT A TIME.

It is so hard to heal others when we aren’t fully capable of healing and accepting ourselves first. Love yourself and be friends with yourself. Let go of the idea of so called “perfection” that women are primed to think we have to be to before pulling the trigger.

Be brave. Stand your ground. Know your worth. Tell desperation a big fuck you and embrace that badass confidence and self-value I know you have stored away in your gorgeous self!

Very friendly urge and reminder that GOALS without a date, attainable steps, and ACTION… are just WISHES. 

Everyday I hear and read about someone complaining that they have no money, they are broke, they are suffering, or going through hard times. 


Everyday I see someone say that “one day” or “some day” things will change. THOSE AREN’T REAL DAYS! But *today* is a real day.

Excuse after excuse… justifications for days. 

Life isn’t meant to be perfect. It’s riddled with obstacles, lessons, challenges, frustrations, excuses, pot holes, and stress. It is also so abundant in happiness, joy, adventuress, and positivity. 

It’s OK to wallow around for a little bit (I just did that this past week over many anxiety and panic attacks about opening my new office and beating myself up over whether it was a mistake or not) but you CANNOT let yourself stay in that mindset and continue to be stuck there.

Staying in the “poor me” and suffering mindset will only further self sabotage. 

I urge you, instead of complaining, start WRITING. Literally WRITE DOWN your goals (not have them swirling around in your head) and get an accountability partner. Write down a long term goal, break it down into 3-4 smaller goals, and a couple of action steps… ALL WITH DATES ATTACHED. 

Or better yet: hire a business coach /mentor who can help steer you in the right direction and hold you accountable.

The Law of Attraction WORKS. If you don’t think so, then you haven’t really truly tried. The Law of Attraction also goes for your negative thinking. It’s ALL about a shift in your mindset. We only know what we are exposed to. 

It’s so much easy to stay within the comfort of our misery and not take action, and dwell on everything that can go wrong. I always hear people say, “Oh! But i have tried EVERYTHING, and NOTHING is working!” WRONG. You have half-assed tried everything / some things you have been exposed to once or twice and didn’t see immediate and tangible results, so you threw in the towel and quit trying. Consistency is everything. Need something done, or done right? HIRE AN EXPERT. Delegate that shit out.

It’s SO MUCH EASIER to bitch and moan and make excuses and stay at rock bottom. Nothing worth having comes easy. EVER. Want to change? Easy – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 

We expect our clients to want to help themselves before we can help them. We expect them to have good habits. We need to expect the exact same for ourselves as well. 

We are here to give advice, uplift, light fire under people’s asses… but not at the expense of our own well being or time being taken advantage of. So many times we have freely taken a *ton* of time to give advice and feedback to others, only to see that they didn’t utilize it at all, or even put in one ounce of effort. (Another words: Don’t Be An Askhole.)

Want us to help? Please hold yourself accountable and start helping yourself as well. We are the hand to grab on to to help pull you up… but don’t be dead weight. 


How will you start taking action and stop with the excuses?

What will you do to stop spinning your wheels?

Which habits/excuses/self-pitying thoughts will you eliminate RIGHT NOW?!

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