Do You Have a Bravery Deficiency?

This blog post is inspired by a TED talk. Boys typically learn to talk late, crawl late, walk late… how do they end up running the world? (Sorry, Beyonce!) From […]

So What Actually Defines Success?

Remember that your work doesn’t equal your WORTH. “Success” seems to be the to-go-to magic word for what we chase after, prepare for, choose, and what we desire. It’s how […]

The Power of Cancellation Policies

POLICIES (whether you call it a cancellation policy, rescheduling policy, or no show policy) are perhaps the most important part of your massage business framework. These policies also bring up […]

Why Your Brand Personality Matters!

Let’s dive a little deeper into the topic of self-branding! Not business branding, like logos and fonts. But your brand personality – YOU, as a person… how people perceive you. […]

The Riches Are in the Niches!

Do you have a niche that you focus on –something that sets you apart from the crowd? Something different than the basic cookie-cutter routine?  People have told me what they […]

Partner with Non-Profits to Boost Your Biz!

Do you have a non-profit you are passionate about? Personally, for me, I am affiliated with Trafficking Hope, which is an anti-human trafficking organization. I am VERY passionate about the […]

Are You in a Collaboration or a Competition?

Let’s talk about a COMPETITION (scarcity mindset) vs. COLLABORATION (abundance mindset) When we first start out, we feel *SO ALONE*. It’s the “survival of the fittest” mindset that holds us back […]